Mobile Agile Development and Test Automation

Business Challenge

This app is a coaching tool available on both the Android and iOS stores. Set up a training schedule based on your next event, or let the coaching app use your previous two month’s running data to recommend an appropriate training schedule. The initiative was in bogged down with defective code which lead to deadline after deadline being missed by the previous vendor. The initiative is aimed at the running community by offering training challenges, more rewards, and training regimens for all levels of athletes. The worldwide initiative is aimed at the community of 28+ million global users.


TechSparq was engaged to take over the failing project.  Performance and quality have been improved with the development of custom java applications test the codebase in an automated fashion.  Logic and language localization errors were found in record time, allowing developers to focus on the development of the core product.  With these two automated testing solutions in place, TechSparq was able to develop the additional mobile feature set to further enhance the core product and bring value to app users.


The TechSparq development team performed ahead of schedule which allowed for additional feature sets being delivered in a single release. The new feature sets were not on the original product map and were essential wish list items.  The team also corrected over 300 inherited bugs, taking the backlog down to a single digit number. The team capacity and information sharing metrics were vastly improved due to Agile Scrum. The new process allowed the team to hit the ground running and contributing on day 1. 

“Mobile isn’t the new thing, it’s everything… by2017, 2.3 billion smartphones and more than 600 million tablets will be in the global marketplace.” - Forester Research

Dedrick BoydTechSparq