The e-commerce website and Bitcoin-alternative startup suffered from lack of skill and application functionality dysfunction. Managers, planners, and developers suffered from "analysis paralysis" and had a difficult time making decisions. Development progress was virtually non-existent. With a conventional development team which didn't have Agile experience, the project operated in a waterfall manner. After six months of development, this style of project management had not produced a product roadmap or any feature designs.


We Implemented 5 Features in the First Week


A turnaround strategy to put the development back on track


TechSparq met on-site with the client’s team to work through the management obstacles of a corporate restructure and location change, while training the development team in Agile methodologies. We led the team to create a Product Roadmap so that they could estimate the time and resources needed to complete various features and phases of the e-commerce site development.  


The path to success

The new agile Scrum project management set the development team on a path to success which delivered system functionality on the very first sprint and continued to complete features in subsequent sprints.

The development team held daily stand-ups and completed features as planned. Each end-of-sprint had demonstrations of the features completed for the sprint. The process enthused the developers and made it much easier to estimate the time and resources needed for each state of the project. The client could accurately know what functionality could be expected by when. 


Turning around a non-performing group around to excellence

When a project is not moving forward, it is difficult to turn things around. TechSparq has the experience and project management skills to help companies get their projects and development moving forward. Clients want to be able to accurately estimate when their project phases will be completed. The client was delighted to see the non-performing team start creating the features they had wanted from the very start.

TechSparq delivered a quality product that was free from issues. Aside from excellent technical skills, TechSparq’s people were reliable and highly professional.
— Chris Topp

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