Global Retailer: Distributed Agile Development


Business Challenge


TechSparq was engaged to migrate two ATG Dynamo web applications onto the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP). The existing applications were in production for more than six years as part of an eCommerce platform that was responsible for 9 billion dollars in revenue.

The existing web applications were JSP and Struts based with various ATG commerce and open source technologies. Additionally one application interfaced with SAP and required the use of SAP BAPI technology. TechSparq was responsible for migrating the applications, upgrading all open source libraries, upgrading to the latest possible BAPI version, and making several key functionality changes.

This fortune 500’s previous production releases of web applications typically resulted in approximately 7 - 10 critical bugs within the first four weeks of production.



Being a eCommerce partner with this fortune 500 company, TechSparq was asked to perform the migration. The TechSparq project team was comprised of a project manager, one lead Java developer, one senior Java developer, one Oracle developer, and a program/relationship manager. The lead developer traveled to the client site approximately one week per month while the rest of the team remained in Atlanta development center.



TechSparq encountered several roadblocks during development that required creative solutions. Notably, due to version incompatibilities, the BAPI code required a full scale rewrite.

  • TechSparq delivered the upgraded applications on-time and on-budget

  • Only two non-critical bugs were uncovered within the first four weeks of production

  • No overtime was required

  • Recognition by senior leadership, in several internal leadership meetings, as a model project that required very little client support and that was delivered on-time and on-budget.

Why is TechSparq able to perform system migrations and new implementations with very little direction while our larger partners can’t deliver defect-free migrations and implementations? We need to engage TechSparq to help us with more initiatives.
— Director - Fortune 500

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