We help Fortune 500 retailers maximize revenue and build customer loyalty by ensuring their e-commerce platform is secure, protected, and does not fail under peak load.


How We Help

Stop Web

Sophisticated attackers can penetrate and damage your
e-commerce site without triggering your security mechanisms.

Are You Protected?


Increase Performance

Over 50% of traffic on
e-commerce sites is driven by bots. That volume of illegitimate traffic means current platforms are hugely overbuilt, with astronomical costs.

Does your organization have a huge hosting bill and struggle to handle site traffic?


An estimated 45% of work activities can be automated, and this automation would save
$2 trillion in global workforce costs.

Want to save money, empower your workforce, improve accuracy, and increase compliance?

It’s not a matter of if, but when you will be attacked
— Troy Leach, CTO of Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council

The global retail market is valued at 3 trillion dollars and new brands do not need classical distribution channels to break through. You need to keep the bad guys out and increase productivity within your organization to remain competitive.

Many attacks are automated and are driven by smarter bots. Bot attempts to defraud apparel web sites were up by 70% in 2016. As you continually invest in your e-commerce solutions and corporate processes, meeting the increasing demands of your valued consumers, these attacks are more than a nuisance, they significantly affect your bottom line.



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Our Approach

Technology projects come in many different shapes and sizes. TechSparq has an internal process to efficiently and reliably administer projects, delivering them on time and on budget. As your partner, we’re here every step of the way.









Strategically identify your weak spots and highly repetitive steps, map solutions, and develop a roadmap for success.

TechSparq believes that a critical first step to an IT initiative (really, any initiative) is to clearly define how it will make strategic business impact. We uncover pain points, identify potential ROI, and develop a strategic roadmap that aligns the best people, processes, and technology to achieve your well-defined goals.




Collaboratively build solutions to achieve your business goals.

Once the plan is crafted, it’s time to build something. This is where TechSparq’s team of e-commerce and Bot experts delivers highly focused solutions. TechSparq’s capabilities allow us to stop the bad bots, deliver helpful bots, and revamp your processes to improve efficiency and decrease costs.




Deliberately plan and execute rollouts to ensure user productivity and satisfaction.

An important component of any RPA rollout is ensuring you maximize user adoption and reduce corporate resistance. When it comes to bot protection rollouts, it is important that we stop the bad guys while not disrupting your valued users. Furthermore, our bot rollouts improve your user interaction by handling simple tasks and freeing you to address more important aspects of your e-commerce business.




Continuously analyze results to drive improvement and maximize your ROI.

Innovation is constant. TechSparq is here to partner with your organization to help you maximize  your investments and gain a competitive advantage. TechSparq will assist you in preparing  for your next opportunity to optimize technology and accelerate your business goals.


Helping you achieve success.