Our Work

What we do for you: get rid of bad bots, scale massive applications for high-heat product launches, and create process improvements that lead to greater employment satisfaction, increased accuracy, and reduced cost.


Case Study 1

Software Delivery
Bot Protection
Cloud Scaling

This retailer experienced massive performance gains, application scaling improvements, and a more secure e-commerce system with fewer bad bot infiltrations after working with TechSparq.

Case Study 2

Software Delivery
Agile Transformation

Red Hat client Future City successfully transitioned from waterfall to Agile and experienced new feature development after six months of stalled development as a result of engaging with TechSparq.

Case Study 3

Software Delivery
Legacy Re-engineering
Application Scaling

Raymond James experienced application scaling improvements and a device-adaptable experience after years of being stuck with a hard-to-use customer profile app that failed under normal user load.