Our curated set of innovative services save our clients money, secure their systems, and automate their back-office processes in pursuit of efficiency and remarkable digital products.


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Assess the ever-changing landscape of bots, hackers, and AI as they relate to your current systems and processes. Our SparqBot Assessment will reveal what threats are looming and how you can use bots to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction.


Protect your data, reputation, and applications from bots and hackers with our SparqProtect service. Specifically formulated protective measures help you keep the bad bots out. And we’ll continue to  prepare you for new and evolving threats.


Maximize your revenue and build customer loyalty by ensuring your e-commerce website is highly secure, protected against damaging bot attacks, and doesn't fail under peak loads. Utilize CloudSparq when your team wants to build safe, secure, and scalable web services.



Boost business value and innovation by completing a proof of concept (experiment). See the pros & cons of new bot technology and/or processes, allowing your organization to make an intelligent and informed decision before interrupting your normal business. ConceptSparq will spark creativity and give you time to experiment.


Improve your operational excellence capabilities, free human labor from mundane tasks to provide additional capacity for strategic work, and reduce operational costs. ProcessSparq uses bots to create more value with less investment, allowing you to unlock and level up your value drivers.


Exceed sales targets and grow market share with a refined strategy that optimizes your current capabilities and has a built-in growth strategy, allowing you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. SparqCommerce brings trust and a successful track record to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementations.




Innovation leadership that allows you to focus on value-driving activities.



Helping you confront the unknown and move forward.


Bot Protection Assessment

Cost Savings Assessment

Architecture Assessment

Technical Review

Business Architecture



All the benefits of software automation and bots.


Software Delivery & Legacy

Continuous Delivery

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

E-commerce Bot Protection


Salesforce Commerce Cloud



Disrupt yourself or be disrupted.


Rapid Prototyping

Innovation Labs

Bot Incubation


Digital no longer means just an e-commerce site; it involves the complete way a business portrays its brand, interacts with customers, and manages the global value chain network.




Vast experience across a multitude of areas, laser-focused into three key industries where our clients realize the greatest benefits.



Moving Fortune 500 apparel retailers to maximize their revenue and build customer loyalty by ensuring their e-commerce platform is highly secure, protected against damaging bot attacks, and doesn't fail under peak load.



Propelling Fortune 500 financial corporations to maximize their human capital and control the supply chain by automating low variance tasks, streamlining procurement practices, and protecting against damaging bot attacks.



Influencing state and federal governments to optimize their systems and processes by streamlining procedures, ensuring systems are engineered for today’s tough demands, and reducing repetitive tasks via automation.